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Cast film machine
Cast film machine

Cast film machine

Salivation embossed film production unit is mainly used for LDPE, L-LDPE, HDPE, PPCPP as raw materials, production of sanitary napkins and scraps of paper embossed film, Film and sheet can also be used in the production of other cast film. Salivation production, a film formation, strong, uniform thickness, good plasticizing effect and high tensile strength, with a trimming device, automatic feeding device without stopping the machine, automatic winding devices to achieve low loss, high efficiency.


Product Specifications:

    1. Cast film film width 800mm - 1800mm
    2. Excessive film thickness 0.015-0.04mm
    3. Embossed mesh 60-160 mesh
    4. Production capacity of 250-350KG

Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without notice!

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