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Co-Extrusion Coating Machine
Co-Extrusion Coating Machine
Co-Extrusion Coating Machine

Single-head Compound Extruding Film Machinery Unit (Supeior Quality Model) is the advanced machinery, which is consulted to foreign advanced technology, adopting engine, electricity, gas unitization combined desigh. It mostly applies to flexible packaging region :instant noodles packaging, paper, aluminum foil. BOPP Film and etc..The equipment has high degree automatization, nice exterior, lower energy consumption, and high efficiency.

机器规格 1300mm,1500mm,1700mm,
工作宽度 (Max.)1150mm,1350mm,1550mm,
Working width
使用基材 BOPP、PET、tissue(50-200g/m2)
Using base material
夹层基材 CPE、CPP、MCPP、aluminum foil、纸paper
Interlayer base material
使用树脂 LDPE、LLDPE、PP、EVA(coating colophony)
Using colophony
挤出机 Ø90或Ø100共挤出机,由挤出机与共挤分配器组成,挤出电功率37-55KW
Extruder Ø90 or Ø100 co-extrusion extruder,make up of extruder and co-extrusion distributor, the electric power of extrusion is 37-55KW
挤出量最大(Max.) 160-240kg/h
Quantity of extrusion
涂层厚度 0.012mm-0.05mm
Thickness of coat
厚薄均匀度 <±5%
Uniformity of thickness
主机速度 (Maximum)160-240kg/h
Mainframe speed
AC agent coating and oven With scraper ruling coating roller and the oven of four meter height
放卷直径 Ø800mm或Ø1000mm
Diameter of unreeling
夹层放卷直径 Ø450mm
Diameter of interlayer unreeling
收卷直径 Ø800mm(Center wrapup)
Ø1500mm(Friction wrapup)
Diameter of wrapup
整机电气控制方式 进口PLC可编程序控制器,人机界面操作、整机联动
Electric control mode of complete machine Import PLC program controller,man-machine interface operation and the whole engine linkage
变频器 进口交流数字式矢量控制变频器
Transducer Import AC digital vector control transducer
整机安装尺寸要求 长13米×宽8-11米×高3.8米(L13m×W8-11m×H3.8m)
Installation size

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